Technology that inspires.

The fermenters used in Nordmethan's biomethane refineries are made of stainless steel, since the concentrations of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia in the biogas are aggressive to unprotected components. This ensures that the plant has a long service life. That's why only tried-and-tested components are used and the majority of the technologies are developed by WELTEC BIOPOWER, such as fermenter equipment, agitation systems, control systems, pasteurisation equipment and digestate conditioning solutions. 

As a result of the scope of its in-house production, WELTEC BIOPOWER does not have to buy any parts and materials and thus ensures a consistent high quality world-wide. WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH was certified by TÜV Rheinland  as one of the first suppliers of complete biogas plants in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001:2004 and the quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.