The biomethane refinery in Könnern.

One of the world's largest biogas parks with grid feeding is located in Germany at the Könnern Industrial Park, which is between Magdeburg and Halle. The biogas park consists of four modules, each with four fermenters, four digestate storage tanks, one liquid receiver and a technical services building with separation unit, central pump station and a compressor for the biogas. Combining the technologies into modules has resulted in creating synergy effects and in an increase of efficiency. The amount fresh mass annually needed is approx. 120,000 m. tonnes and comes from about 30 operations located within a radius of an average 15 km. The fresh mass is stored on site on a paved silo plate spanning 2.7 hectares.

Start of building: July 2008
Commissioning: September 2009
Site: 17 ha
Developed area: 13 ha
Raw biogas production: 28,8 miollion Nm3/a
Types of raw materials: Maize, whole plant silage, pressed sugar beet pulp
Raw materials: 120.000 t/year
Jobs: 16
Biogas processing: Amine scrubbing