WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH has been a biogas plant constructor from the very beginning. Leveraging the expertise of more than 70 employees, WELTEC BIOPOWER offers complete biogas plants from a single source and has thus developed into a leading supplier of biogas plants.

The strengths of the medium-sized enterprise include customised solutions – from compact systems, computer-controlled high-duty plants in the megawatt range and waste incineration plants through to biogas parks with gas processing technology.

The plants are of modular design: WELTEC BIOPOWER only uses tried-and-tested system components and develops on its own a majority of the technologies along the entire value-added chain: Fermentation technology, agitation systems, control systems, pasteurisation equipment and digestate conditioning solutions come from WELTEC BIOPOWER. WELTEC uses stainless steel to construct its fermenters, since the concentrations of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia in the biogas are aggressive to unprotected components. This ensures that the plant has a long service life. Our in-house production moreover guarantees a consistently high standard regardless of location, thus ensuring that the export quota is considerably higher than the average for the sector.

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