Agriculture and Nordmethan

Nordmethan is a close cooperation partner of the agriculture industry. Biomethane is produced in a biomethane refinery using biogenic materials as a result of the linking of mechanical, thermal, biological and chemical processes with fertiliser occurring as a by-product. Processes like the cultivation of agricultural products through to logistics are optimised in close cooperation with the local agricultural operations. A cooperation with us offers agricultural operations many advantages:

Long-term partnership
Contrary to the shortsighted focus of fund-related major investors, Nordmethan GmbH is a medium-sized company with a strong background. Conventional values and reasonable returns over the long term form the guiding principle for a trusting partnership based on equal footing.

Good agricultural practices for the future
Jointly planning the usage of land in terms of the long term ensures improved crop rotation. That way, the environment is preserved and our returns increase.

Good returns over the long term
Long-term supply agreements at stable prices provide suppliers with a good return over the long term. Farmers are still able to operate successfully regardless of the volatility of commodity prices. 

Landwirte als Partner