Progress needs strong roots

Nordmethan GmbH is a subsidiary of WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH and has been planning, building and operating biomethane refineries since 2008. In this context, Nordmethan GmbH is constantly looking for suitable locations to develop and realise projects.

WELTEC BIOPOWER was founded in 2001 and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of stainless steel biogas plants. Tried-and-tested technology and agricultural cycles are meaningfully combined here. The founder companies of WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH are in turn the companies Stallkamp and WEDA. As reputable manufacturers of agricultural equipment, both of these long-standing medium-sized enterprises have successful track records that span decades.

The Nordmethan approach - A closed loop!

The Nordmethan biomethane refineries transform biomass into energy on an industrial scale. This ground-breaking approach is optimally matched to the various partners:

The Nordmethan biomethane refineries are supplied by regional farmers with energy crops. Nordmethan coordinates together with farmers what plants are cultivated and harvested and organises the logistics to the biomethane refineries that essentially produce two products:

Biogas, which is converted to biomethane and then fed into the existing natural gas distribution system, and high-quality fertiliser. Only water remains, which is supplied back to the process as recirculate.

The loop is closed with the processing of the residual materials. The residual substrate resulting from the fermentation to biogas is processed into high-quality fertiliser, which is then spread over the farmers' fields.

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